MLA (Steel multisheets) : Composed of several sheets achieving a perfect sealing. The ribs work for achieving a linear sealing, that is to say, it increases the specific sealing pressure in ribbed zones, thus obtaining fewer distortions on metallic surfaces of head and block, and consequently applying less torque. In addition, the gasket surfaces made according to these designs are treated with products which enhance the sealing.

SLA (Single steel sheets): Composed of a single sheet with ribs according to the requirements of the pieces to seal, thus achieving a perfect tightness with excellent elasticity for temperature variations of the engine.

FAF (Fibers, Steel and Fibers): Optimum performance for high temperatures, low compressibility and high recovery; the best for engines with this kind of requirements. The gaskets composed of this kind of material do not need retightening, thus saving labor time consuming.

LAC (Compressed asbestos free): Material of first quality brands (Klinger, Teadit). Asbestos free composed of aramidic fibers (Kevlar fibers) bonded with nitrile rubber (NBR) resistant to high temperatures, oils and fuels.

LAB (Beater Asbestos Free): Material of first quality brands (Klinger, Teadit).
Asbestos free composed of fibers of cellulose and synthetic rubber resistant to oils, water and fuels.

FAA (Steel, Steel Fiber): Excellent material for head gaskets with high compressibility and recovery the same as FAF material. Excellent resistance to high temperatures.

ALU (Aluminum): Material with medium distortion achieving a very good sealing. Generally used for washers.

NBR (Butadiene nitrile rubber): For using in valve cover gaskets, casings, o-rings, etc. with optimum resistance to mineral oils. Temperature ranges up to 120ºC. Excellent Compression Set.

MVQ (Silicone rubber): For general use, valve cover gasket, o-rings, valve guide oil seals. High resistance to temperatures withstanding up to 180ºC. Very good compression set.

ACM (Polyacrylic Rubber): For using in valve cover gaskets, case, valve guide oil seals, with temperature resistance up to 150ºC. Excellent resistance to oil minerals. Very good compression set.

FPM: (Fluorine elastomer rubber- Viton): For pieces with high temperature requirement, withstanding above 220ºC. Top performance with engine oils whether mineral, synthetic or hydraulic. Such materials are used for manufacturing valve guide oil seals and radial oil seals.

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